My Medifast Journey

They said it couldn't be done…let's see!

My Medifast Journey - They said it couldn't be done…let's see!

Back on the right track with my Medifast program

Not my feet. Not my scale.

Not my feet. Not my scale.

OK, so in hindsight, maybe the last Medifast weigh-in was a little on the critical side. But I am critical of me, not the program.  But today, I am happier than a pig in a poke.  I did go back to the basics and really watched the portions on the lean and green meals, tried (mostly successfully) to not skip any of the 5 Medifast meals per day and had what I think may have been my strongest week since I started the program.  Down a big 6.5 pounds!

In terms of exercise, the only thing differently I did was a really long walk from my house to the downtown district and back–like 8 miles–to go to a festival.  That was on Sunday, usually a day of rest.

But as I have said, I work on mental goals a lot. With this 6.5 pounds, I am solidly under the 240# mark, and more importantly, I am marginally into the “teens left to lose” mark.  I always said that being able to say I have X teen more pounds to go would be huge.

Now I am going to treat myself to a large pizza–just kidding!

OK, I am gonna kick butt and take names this week

invigorateAfter a few disappointing weeks (to me), I have a good feeling about this week. I took a look at the original documents and really concentrated on getting back to the basics. While I think I was keeping to the program for the most part, I saw the best results in the beginning when I was DEFINITELY keeping with the program.  So, I have been very careful to get the 5 Medifast meals per day and been VERY careful on the solo lean and green meal and I upped my water/infused water consumption as well to make sure I am hydrated.

There is very little tempting food in the house, exercise has kept up and in case that 30 Day Ab Challenge thing screwed me up–it is over!  Thank god. And if I ever meet the person that thought up that gem…..

So, tomorrow will tell when we weigh in and see; but I feel confident.