My Medifast Journey

They said it couldn't be done…let's see!

My Medifast Journey - They said it couldn't be done…let's see!

Catching up

OK, OK, I have fallen behind.  First for a quick catch up.  I am still losing, but have been on a plateau for a little more than a month. I have stuck to the diet, tweaked the exercise up…and down. Cut it out for a bit, started it up again. And the weight comes off, but in the tiniest increments. Two weeks ago I ended up gaining 4 pounds. This week (with Thanksgiving) I ended up losing 1.5 of them.

I am still about 12 pounds from my goal with Medifast and I will get there. My revised timeline was the end of the year. But losing 4 pounds per week for 3 weeks straight seems a bit of a stretch.  So, I have always said when I hit my goal, I would start up the weight lifting to get back some tone.  My gym membership will renew in February, so February is my new goal date–hopefully before.

That way, I can start a renewal with a weight and cardio routine from the goal weight.  But I have to say, it is frustrating.

This week, I am maintaining my exercise. Making sure I am getting in all 5 meals, and then I am ONLY going to eat the same uber lean meal each day. A pre-portioned chicken breast from Perdue and a salad with the Paul Newman dressing.  It is the leanest and greenest I can come up with and has less than 200 calories.  Hopefully I will see some significant forward (downward) progress on Thursday. Fingers crossed.

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I also got some bad news. My local Medifast Center will be closing at the end of the year. While I am not sure a counselor or the center is needed for success on the program; for me they have done a lot to hold me accountable. And I also like the gizmo machine that really measures many different aspects of my weight loss and body.  I will miss the friendship and hopefully without a counselor nearby, I can still stick to the program.

How can that be??

Sad-faceOK, I have had ups and downs, mostly ups. But this week, it was like someone kicked me in the gut.  A lot of my weight loss is mentally driven. I look for milestones…x pounds lost….x pounds to go till my goal….x miles walked…etc.

For the past few weeks I have been at a plateau. Hovering between 12 and 15 pounds to my goal.  And my mental trigger was to be under 10 pounds to go.  Last week, I was in striking distance.  I was 12 pounds to go.  There were no real food challenges on the calendar, no plans to go out drinking.  I really was mindful of portion size and the only cheat meal I had was last night with a 6 ounce fillet and a portion of green beans that were likely sauteed in butter.  But still–not a true cheat.  My personal goal was to hit those 2 pounds and be within 10 of my goal.

And then the weigh-in.  a GAIN of 3 pounds.  Made no sense to me considering I even ended up walking an additional six miles one day!  After three of four steps on the scale with the same result, I accepted it.  We did go in and do that thingie and the weight gain appeared to be in TOTAL BODY WATER as the other statistics were still headed in the right direction. The thought was that higher sodium may have been the culprit, but I do not recall any crazy meals to cause that.

And once again, I am now further to go to my goal weight. I had hoped for a September finish, then October, and now I am afraid it may not be until the end of the year.  I suppose it may be a good New Year with anew me and the ability to celebrate that, but for now…  GRRRRRR.